MCC is excited to announce the formation of the Care Team

 The Care Team was born out of a need to connect those dealing with addiction and their loved ones to the help that is available in our area.  More than just connectors, the Care Team will serve as a welcoming presence and remind people that they are not alone in this struggle.  So often, those who are suffering do so alone because of the stigma and shame that comes with it.  It is our desire to help our neighbors through this hard time and to show everyone that there is hope and that recovery is possible.

The Care Team is seeking volunteers who are empathetic and desire to help those in addiction and their families. Positions available to those willing to volunteer include working on resource guides, answering the phone and being willing to speak to someone in need.  Most volunteers on the Care Team have been touched by addiction in some way, but it is by no means a requirement to volunteer.  

If you are interested, please email