Dear Friends and Neighbors,

If you’ve opened the guide in the tab above, you are already part of the solution to the growing crisis of addiction, poverty and isolation in our rural community. 

We hope you’ll find this guide to be a road map…a convenient tool…a useful compilation of all the agencies and services that are available to people who are seeking help in their journey to recovery. If this is not you, and you know of someone who might benefit from this, we hope you’ll pass it on.

At this moment, you’ll just see words on a page. But I ask you to look at this amazing booklet for what it truly is- a living, breathing document. Behind every listed agency, health care provider, first responder and volunteer are people who have dedicated their lives to the service of others – each one is passionate about relieving suffering, giving folks a second chance, healing families and providing a future for our children. 

Please use this guide to point you in the right direction. And then, we hope that you will reach out and connect with those that are here to help. This is a guide for those of us on the mountaintop – specific to our needs and mindful of the challenges that all rural communities face as we try to access services -- for ourselves and for those we love.
Mountain Top Cares Coalition, along with Wellness RX in Tannersville, is committed to the idea of removing barriers to health and well being by treating the whole person with respect and compassion. We hope that this guide will be a pathway, connecting us to critical services as we build a community based on trust and support. 

This is our vision of Neighbor Helping Neighbor!
Jonathan Gross 

Mountain Top Cares Coalition