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Virtual Recovery Meeting Options


Community support is an essential part of recovery. 

So what happens when our communities shut down to stop the spread of the Coronavirus?

If you’ve got a smart device and an internet connection, you can still participate in recovery meetings. 

It just needs to happen remotely for a while.

The recovery community has shown an incredible amount of support, love, and concern for each other during this stressful time. 

Remember: You are not alone, and countless other Americans know exactly what you’re going through.

WEconnect and Unity Recovery are partnering together to offer meetings daily.

Download “zoom” to utilize these meetings (an app on smart devices, or download on your computer)

This page contains links to online and teleconference meetings that have been setup by groups with the HMB Area 48. The use of such does not imply endorsement of any particular application or online software by Alcoholics Anonymous or HMB Area 48. Please use at your own risk and discretion.