Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative: Supporting Individuals in Recovery

June 7, 2023

Mountain Top Cares Coalition will be launching a new initiative in 2024 called

The Mountain Top Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) Initiative. In collaboration with local organizations this effort aims to connect individuals in recovery with employers seeking motivated individuals. By creating a supportive environment, this will promote healthier and more productive workplaces.

Supporting Individuals in Recovery

Hiring workers in recovery means giving them an opportunity to transform their lives and reach their full potential. These individuals have made the courageous decision to be open about their past struggles. However, stigma often prevents employees from sharing their experiences, which can be detrimental to both their recovery and the employer's costs. The Mountain Top RFW Initiative seeks to eliminate these barriers and foster a supportive atmosphere.

The Impact of Substance Abuse on Businesses

Substance abuse among employees and their families can lead to absenteeism, decreased productivity, theft, low morale, injuries, and increased healthcare costs. By supporting employees in their recovery journey, businesses can reduce these negative effects and associated expenses. Recognizing this, the Mountain Top RFW Initiative aims to create an environment that promotes health and wellness while supporting recovery.

Inspiration from New Hampshire's RFW Initiative

The success of New Hampshire's statewide RFW initiative demonstrates the benefits of implementing evidence-based health programs, policies, and practices. This approach not only supports recovery but also enhances productivity and motivation. Inspired by these results, the Mountain Top RFW Initiative seeks to replicate this success within the local community.

Promoting Collaboration and Positive Change

The primary goal of the Mountain Top RFW Initiative is to connect individuals in recovery with employers who value their potential. By working together, the community can support these individuals in their recovery journey, restoring their dignity and helping them rebuild their lives. Businesses benefit from a motivated and committed workforce, fostering growth and success.

Embracing Recovery-Friendly Workplaces

Recovery Friendly Workplaces recognize the strength of individuals in recovery and actively engage with them. By fostering a healthy and safe environment, employers, employees, and communities collaborate to bring about positive change and remove barriers associated with addiction. These workplaces promote overall well-being, belonging, and compassion.

The Mountain Top Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative addresses the challenges faced by individuals in recovery and the impact of substance abuse on businesses. By creating a supportive environment, employers can transform lives and contribute to a resilient and prosperous community. Through collaboration and intentional action, the Mountain Top RFW Initiative bridges the gap between employers and individuals in recovery, fostering workplaces that value dignity, productivity, and profitability. Together, we can build a future where recovery is celebrated in every workplace.


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