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How Can A CRPA help you?

The support you need, when you need it.

The main role of a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA) is to provide one-on-one support directly to folks in recovery or struggling with substance use. These amazing peers bring their wisdom, professional training, and personal experiences with recovery to the table, and can help improve your engagement with treatment and your dedication to recovery. CRPAs also help you establish relationships with other community-based recovery resources that compliment and align with your treatment, recovery, and discharge plans.

Here's just some of what a CRPA can help you with:

Being there for you in positive times and during tough times, offering non-clinical support in-person, on the phone, text or zoom.

Teaching you about different paths to recovery, sharing what's worked for them and others.

Helping arrange transportation for important meetings, court dates or job interviews - they can also accompany you to medical appointments, so you don't have to face it alone.

Assisting you in making important connections. Sharing all of the awesome social and support services that are out there, making sure you know what options you have.

Helping out with the nitty-gritty stuff, like filling out forms and applying for benefits, so you can focus on your recovery.

More info on CRPAs here

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Around 20 million people and their families face addiction or substance use disorders annually. This issue can impact anyone, anywhere, and it poses challenges for those caring, living with, or loving someone with addiction. Understanding addiction, treatment, and recovery can aid in connecting with and supporting loved ones on their journey. The effects of experiencing addiction second-hand can be long-lasting, making the lives of those closest to the individual difficult and overwhelming, regardless of their recovery stage.


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A dynamic presentation exploring stigma through art and discussion.
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Start Date: Feb. 6th
Every Tuesday, 5:30pm
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Every Monday, 5:30pm
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