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Mountain Top Cares Coalition (MCC) offers a supported path to recovery from substance use and addiction with a focus on the rural mountaintop town region of Greene County, New York. MCC offerings are free, removing financial barriers to access. Learn how your contributions sustain our mission and help us grow.

MCC Mission & Projected Budget
The only adult RCO in Greene County, NY

We're A

As the sole adult RCO in the area, we bridge the gap between short-term treatment and long-term support.

300+ Engaged with MCC
and Counting

Since 2020, Mountain Top Cares Coalition (MCC) has engaged over 300 individuals affected by substance use through various forms of support, including care, group meetings, trainings, events, and resource brokerage. This highlights the high demand for MCC's services.

Rising Overdose Deaths in Greene County

In 2021, the upstate NY crude rate of opioid overdose was 23.5 and the rate in Greene County was 46.3, almost double the average of upstate NY counties. 42 Greene County residents died of overdose between 2019 and 2021. 50% of those deaths occurred in 2021, alone.

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Between 2019-2022, 401 overdose events in Greene County, NY

MCC Offers Narcan Training & Accessibility

Narcan plays a vital role in mitigating opioid overdose deaths. MCC has begun an initiative of training individuals, groups and businesses on the mountaintop to properly administer this life saving medication as well as establishing publicly accessible Narcan Kits in strategic locations. Naloxone (Narcan) swiftly counters opioid overdose, binding to brain receptors to halt opioid effects. It restores normal respiration when breathing slows or ceases from opioid misuse.

Help Save Lives

Donations will assist MCC in offering more frequent Narcan trainings, provide increased community awareness through educational campaigns, and to increase public Narcan Kits to maximize accessibility.

Hire Additional CRPA

Certified Recovery Peer Advocates (CRPA)

CRPAs bring recovery expertise, training, and personal experiences to enhance treatment engagement and dedication. They foster connections to supportive resources, aid community education, and align with discharge plans. To meet growing demand and uphold our support commitment, MCC aims to hire another qualified CRPA by January 2025.

Peer Support




Our offerings at a glance.

MCC Establishing Funding For Local Outreach Center

Support MCC's new brick-and-mortar outreach center in Haines Falls, NY. Help build a safe & welcoming space for recovery and peer engagement in 2024!
Construction, furnishings, work equipment and supplies are needed.


Personalized one-on-one support for individuals, families & peers


Training, distribution, awareness and public access


Peer advocates, support groups, recovery focused social gatherings, community initiatives


CRPAs maintain a robust directory of essential resources in the region and provide assistance in navigating services & applying for benefits


Upcoming & ongoing events

Our special events, and our weekly recurring offerings, so help is always close

Coffee & Conversations

via zoom and/or in person

Topics will be driven by interest and are a chance to discuss successes and challenges from the previous week and weekend.  All are welcome; people in recovery, family, friends, allies.  Walk-ins welcome.
Evening Yoga with Nicole at Mountain Breeze Yoga.

Walk & Talk

Check out our Facebook page for location

Lead by MCC staff and volunteers. The lengths of the walks will vary. Trails are easy and typically flat, please wear proper attire, bring water and a snack. All are welcome; people in recovery, family, friends, allies. Walk-ins welcome.
Every Wednesday, 4:30-5:30pm ET upstairs at 52 North South Lake Road in Haines Falls.

Questions call Mary Ellen, 518-410-4175
via zoom and/or in person

A time to be social and have a creative outlet for those in recovery, family, friends and allies.  Walk-ins welcome.  Check Facebook or Website for location.

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