‍Did you know in 2021, the upstate NY crude rate of opioid overdose was 23.5 and the rate in Greene County was 46.3, almost double the average of upstate NY counties?

Medical Emergencies dial 911.

Training & Resources

Naloxone (Narcan) swiftly counters opioid overdose, binding to brain receptors to halt opioid effects. It restores normal respiration when breathing slows or ceases from opioid misuse.

NARCAN® Nasal Spray: Needle-free, ready to use, counteracts opioid overdose. Designed for community use, no inhalation needed. Ideal for first responders, family, friends, and caregivers without medical training.

We offer training to individuals, groups and businesses. The Department of Health suggests renewing training every 2 years.

All attendees will be mailed a Narcan kit. If you have Narcan from a previous training, always check the expiration date.

Trainings are available virtually & in-person.

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Capable, Competent, Caring, Compassionate

Women in Recovery group

A specialized peer-support program catered to women who are navigating their journey towards recovery from substance use disorders (SUDs).

Family and friends are part of the healing process

Family & Loved Ones Support Group

Around 20 million people and their families face addiction or substance use disorders annually. This issue can impact anyone, anywhere, and it poses challenges for those caring, living with, or loving someone with addiction. Understanding addiction, treatment, and recovery can aid in connecting with and supporting loved ones on their journey. The effects of experiencing addiction second-hand can be long-lasting, making the lives of those closest to the individual difficult and overwhelming, regardless of their recovery stage.

Certified Recovery Peer Advocates


Drawing from professional training and personal experience with substance use, Certified Recovery Peer Advocates provide non-clinical support services to guide you on your path to recovery.


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Harm Reduction 2 Day Workshop May 2024

Virtual Harm Reduction Workshop 5/30 & 5/31 9:30am-3:30pm
Evening Yoga with Nicole at Mountain Breeze Yoga.
Start Date: Feb. 6th
Every Tuesday, 5:30pm
Open Group

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Every Monday, 5:30pm
Open Groupv

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Weekly Family and Friends Support Group

Virtual Friends & Family Support Group held every week on Tuesday

Weekly Men's Recovery Group Monday 5:30pm

Join Jason Shook, CRPA every Monday night for a Men's Recovery Group at 5:30pm via zoom.

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